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13: How would you celebrate gaining 10 pounds? I would probably buy myself some really nice Chinese food

15: Force feeding? Fuck yeah don’t even get me started

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Put a number in my ask box! Weight gain Asks~!

1:How much weight do you generally like a character to gain?
2:Tummy play! What's your favorite thing to do with a tummy?
3:Do you enjoy belly rubs? (Giving or receiving?)
4:Do you enjoy being a feedee or a feeder?
5:Instant gaining?
6:How do you feel about immobility?
7:Boy bellies or girl bellies?
8:Do you like food addiction?
9:Conscious or unconscious gaining?
10:Do you like the idea of secret fattening?
11:Rapid gaining?
12:Tiny stuffed bellies or huge stuffed bellies?
13:How would you celebrate gaining 10 pounds?
14:Do you have a favorite character you like to see fat or stuffed?
15:Force feeding?
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I’m really craving like a huge bucket of spaghetti and I wish I had someone to feed me the whole thing

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